Paul Bryan

Content creator


UK based content creator, influencer and editor-in-chief of Morph Magazine.

Morph Magazine
LUTs & Presets

My Socials:
Instagram - @PaulBryanTV
Twitter - @PaulBryanTV
Facebook - @PaulBryanTV


Instagram + Morph Magazine:
Average of 3M Weekly Impressions
Top Locations: US, UK, EU, India
18 - 34 Audience, 50/50 Gender split.

Types of Advertisements:
Main Feed post - Is a post on our main @PaulBryanTV page.
Formats - Photo, Carousel (multiple photos, swiped), Video (59.9 seconds)
Sizes - 1:1 to 16:9 Aspect Ratio

Story Post - Is a post on our @PaulBryanTV story spot.
Sizes - 1:1 to 9:16 (9:16 preferred)
Formats - Photo or Video (14.9 seconds)

Morph Magazine Review - An unbiased honest review of your product / establishment / service on Morph Magazine.
Articles will be featured on our story (with swipe up link) and also Twitter.
We are happy to create our own images of your product / establishment / service in use, or to utilise current promo material in the article.

Morph Magazine Promotion - A dedicated Promotional article on Morph Magazine.
Written copy of your product / establishment / service is needed.
We can also arrange our own copy if needed and discussed prior.
Formats - Text + Photos / Videos
Sizes - 16:9 Preferred


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